Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Greetings folks, the Uranium Club - All Them Naturals LP is now sold out from us, find it from yer friends in the DIY record distribution world.  The outstanding Question LP is still available if ya are in need.

Coming next will be debut long players from THE COWBOY (Cleveland, USA/Homostupids peoples) and CITRIC DUMMIES (Minneapolis, MN/the brains of Brain Tumors)

Have a nice spring now.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 1st: happy new year from the idiots

Here are a couple new joints to ring in 2017...

Years in the making, this record displays a style of hardcore that has moved from the raw and primal angst of earlier records to a new level of structure and musicianship without losing any of its power or urgency. Furious catchy riffs, sick leads, ill breaks, critical beats, back up Saira’s introspective, and sometimes inspirational, lyrics yet coarse delivery. A lot of bands today hide their lack of chops behind a wall or reverb and distortion, Question employs driving hardcore with solid riffs eschewing this sleight of hand. Some of the structure reminds me of Totalitar, but unlike a lot of bands these days you can’t say this record “sounds just like…” some other popular or legendary band. For those who wish to rage in hell. -Felix Havoc
(Fashionable Idiots #54)

 “All Of Them Naturals” is a fully realized, inclusive world of faux-corporation sponsored surrealist new wave punk music rife with satire and discordance. Robotically tight. Delightfully warped. Ideas as vast as Nebraska’s GMO cornfields and as lethal as the pesticides they spray on them. Did the Sunbelt Chemicals Corporation invent DDT? Maybe. Did they invent man? They think so. Did they invent the wheel? No, that was Uranium Club. Truly, our generation’s DEVO. An important group. -Jensen Ward
(Fashionable Idiots #55)


For both:
USA / $28
CAN / $40
WORLD / $48

For one or the other:
USA / $16
CAN / $28

Have a nice day now.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19th: Fashionable Idiots proudly presents a new stomper/back from the grave....

In this era of blogs, instant virtual collection, and high school kids who are sometimes more informed than the maniac collectors of 25 years ago, its rare to come across a band with a truly refreshing and original take on punk rock. Well, if that's what you've been waiting for, then look no further than the Minneapolis Uranium Club Band.  Sure, there's lots of familiar touchstones on "Human Exploration" - you can picture these guys having a home on the Dangerhouse roster at times, and their nervous, herky jerky riffs lead one to assume they've spent a lot of time listening to Hardcore era Devo - but taken as a whole this record is an entirely different animal than the sum of the band's apparent influences.  Even though they have obviously put a lot more thought into their sound than your usual genre purists, this record rages with the best of them from start to finish.  Want to hear the state of punk rock art circa 2015? Look no further. -Steve Borchardt
(Fashionable Idiots #53)

Check out Uranium Club for yerself:

For single orders / paypal straight away to: fashionableidiotsrecords(at)

USA / $16
CAN/MEX / $24
WORLD / $30

Wholesale, distros, stores, interesting trades, etc…get in touch.

Currently Available:
FIR053 Uranium Club - Human Exploration 12"
FIR051 Varix - I Cant Get Out
FIR049 Avon Ladies - second 7"
FIR046 Folded Shirt - Tiny Boat b/w Mouth Clock
FIR036 Sinks - I Drove the Sinks
FIR031 Retainers - Waste of Time